Umbrella Holder: The Earthworm

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The Earthworm™ Umbrella Holder
$19.95 / $24.95

The best land anchor, umbrella holder, flag holder, pet tie-down, and all-around vertical support on the market.

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Earthworm Flat


  • All-steel construction and a durable white powder coat finish.
  • Standard 6″ base works great for umbrellas up to 6.5′ canopy $19.95.
  • 9″ base model. Designed to offer greater support for larger beach umbrellas $24.95.


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The Earthworm is a versatile and durable too featuring:

  • A 7″ hardened anchoring coil which will penetrate any soil condition without snapping or unwinding.
  • A generous inside diameter 1-5/8″, plenty to hold any beach umbrella.
  • Portable at 4 pounds (5 pounds for the 9″ base plate model) and 21″ long.


THE EARTHWORM™ will also securely anchor your pet, with or without an umbrella installed for shade (although, we ALWAYS promote shade for your pet).

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*Not recommended for vicious animals or pets weighing over 20 pounds*


THE EARTHWORM™ is easy to use:

  • Simply remove the 14″ long steel handle from inside the 14″ long body tube and slide it through the handle holes.
  • Then secure the handle with the thumbscrew and twist the Earthworm into the ground.
  • Remove the handle.
  • Insert your beach umbrella or flag pole and secure it with the thumbscrew:  Instant Support!
  • Please see product video below for more details.

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