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The Earthworm umbrella holder



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The best land anchor, umbrella holder, flag holder, pet tie-down, and all-around vertical support on the market. $19.95/$24.95.


The Earthworm umbrella holder

Insert handle and twist

Insert pole and secure

Perfect for playing fields







THE EARTHWORM is easy to use.  Simply remove the 14" long steel handle from inside the 14" long body tube and slide it through the handle holes.  Then secure the handle with the thumbscrew and twist the Earthworm into the ground.  Remove the handle.  Insert your beach umbrella or flag pole and secure it with the thumbscrew:  Instant Support!

Holds flags too!




The  Earthworm is not only versatile it's durable too!   It features a 7" hardened anchoring  coil which will penetrate any soil condition without snapping or unwinding,  The inside diameter measures a generous 1-5/8", plenty to hold any beach umbrella.  At only 21" long this beach umbrella holder easily fits into any sports bag.





THE EARTHWORM also will securely anchor your pet...with or without an umbrella installed for shade.


Holds pets

Portable shade for your pet





Features all-steel construction and a durable white powder coat finish. Standard 6" base works great for umbrellas up to 7' canopy $19.95.


9"- base model for greater support $29.95. Now on sale for $24.95. You save $5 on the 9" base model!





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